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Sara's fiction series, Cooking For The Filthy Rich takes her experiences as a Private Chef/Caterer and food nerd, via the sex-crazed portals of catering college to the mansions and yachts of the super-rich.


In The Kitchen Wars, 16-year-old Layla is her main character. Demoted from London deb,  when both parents die, she worries about her future.


With no qualifications, she is forced to consider a future working with her hands. Her pompous lack of application to the strict rules of her pub job and her frequent kitchen disasters often put her budding career in food in jeopardy.

Her untalent for orgasmic tucker for the super-rich, could make her the Queen of finger-licking comfort food or unemployable.  She snipes her way through her adventures with a bag of Welsh swear words and a bad attitude.


In The Millionaire Years, just two years later, after a raucous game with a tub of marshmallows in the board room, she bagged a wealthy eccentric. He wanted her to ditch her kitchen world and travel luxuriously on for his various businesses. She had other ideas. Bianca, her rival was furious and had the time and money to get her revenge.

In The Spanish Feast, she clashes with loan shark billionaire and his troubled family, at his super mansion in Malaga.  His Thai bride, a teen on probation and a moody mother, ensure her life will never be the same. Marco, from her college years, reappears in her life and together they fight their way through the underworld of Malaga's filthy rich.


My books charter the dangers, antics, and shenanigans of working in pub kitchens, food and relationship disasters, the over-privileged, the food snobs, and the almost criminal, on a Titanic scale.

Books by Sara Mayos


Cooking For The Filthy Rich: Kitchen Wars

Cooking For The Filthy Rich: My Millionaire Years

Cooking For The Filthy Rich: A Spanish Feast


Recipe book: Fingerlickin Food In Minutes

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